It’s Raining But Phuket – 2 Days in Phuket Town During Monsoon Season

Ahhh the world renowned Phuket island.  PS it’s pronounced Poo-ket, not Fuk-it, and definitely not Foo-ket.  After popping onto Railay beach and Ton Sai to stay hello, Sam(@sawatdeesam on wordpress) and I decided to head back to her place in Phuket to finish our week of island hopping.  No complaints on my part, Phuket is expensive, and having someone to stay with is a wallet saver.


We took a government van from the bus station in Krabi.  The trip took about 3 hours and cost us 180 baht.  The government vans in Thailand are how Thai people get from city to city, and they are much cheaper than the big double-decker busses you book with a travel agent.  Our trip cost us about 180 baht, quite a relief after dropping 400 baht on every single ferry ride.

Phuket is a massive freaking island.  There are many resorts, cities, and different neighborhoods.  Sam lives in Phuket Town, right by charming Old Town Phuket, so that’s where we spent our time.  To be honest we were pretty lame on this part of the trip as we were exhausted from running from island to island, plus it was monsooning almost the entire time that we were there, so we spent our time doing normal Sam & Tina things like catching up on the Bachelorette and getting our nails done.  We found this fabulous nail salon called “Get Nailed,” the language barrier never fails to entertain.



Old Town Phuket


Honestly this was my favorite part of Phuket.  We spent some time in Old Town, walking around, shopping, and checking out a couple of coffee shops(always).  Old Town almost felt like Charleston, it had Portuguese architecture, the first hint of any European influence that I’ve seen in all of Thailand (outside of Portuguese influence in food).  It was really pretty and had a charming antique vibe to it, with colorful buildings and pretty architecture.

Old Town also had some really pretty graffiti and street art, mixed in with the pastel buildings.





I love this one personally.  If you look you can see different logos peeking through, like Dunkin’ Donuts and Glico(Japenese candy company, I highly recommend their Pocky).

Mac Chiato House


Seeing as this was rated as one of the top coffee shops in Phuket, Sam and I of course had to pop in.  The coffee shop was super trendy and my cappuccino was decent, and it gave off warm, coffee shop vibes that I miss from the Western Hemisphere.  Their macarons were pretty good, a rare find in Thailand, I’d recommend the wasabi flavor.  I also had a solid croissant, another ~rare~ find.  All around a nice place to hang on a rainy day.


Screwed up my latte art before snapping a pic, ooooooops.
Café 66 Coffee

Just in case you thought we only hit up ONE coffee shop while in Phuket…this one isn’t particularly well-known like Mac Chiato House, but it gets honorable mention due to the excessive Teddy Bear theme going on and the interesting plating.  Rubber duck amuse-bouche?



Monkey Hill


One touristy-esque thing that Sam & I did in Phuket was take a trip up Monkey Hill.  When I say touristy, that’s just comparatively speaking.  There were surprisingly few people on the hill itself, and Sam said that there actually isn’t a lot of tourists that make it up to Monkey Hill.  My theory on this is that Phuket Town is about a 15-20 minute drive on the beach, not really making it an ideal location to stay for tourists when compared to glitzy beachside resorts.


The exercise equipment in question.  On the sign – note the difference between the two monkeys LOL.

The hill itself was just that, a hill.  Complete with public exercise equipment that I’ve seen across Thailand (get on it USA).  But I’ve never seen more monkeys in one place in my entire life.  They were literally everywhere, sometimes way too close for comfort, reaching for any object they could, be it cell phone or selfie stick.



Sam said that it’s advised not to go to Monkey Hill at night, as the monkeys fight with the stray dogs over territory.  I’d pay to see that kind of ish go down.


Outside of the monkeys, the hill offered a nice view of the city.  Other than that it was just pretty.

So there you have it.  My exciting and riveting 3 rainy days in Phuket.  Other than what I listed we just hit up a couple of markets, but nothing unique enough that they’re worth mentioning.  No complaints, I had coffee, the Bachelorette, monkeys, and Sam; I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I’ve heard a lot of backpackers complain and say that Phuket is overrated.  I don’t think that’s true, I just think that it’s a large island and you need to move around a lot to see the different beaches, or stay at a nice all-inclusive resort.  I think that coming back to Phuket when I’m an established real human being who has money to ball at a nice resort will provide a completely different experience.


The view from the top of Sam’s apartment building.

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