Caturday Cat Café, that Much Closer to Being a Cat Lady

Amongst all the trendy western-style cafes you can find in Bangkok, there are also serveral weird, quirky, and strangely-themed cafes.  There’s a café entirely dedicated to Hello Kitty, one that’s husky-themed, meaning full of cute little furry husky dogs, and several cat cafes.

IMG_0864 (2).jpg

Now what is a cat café, you ask?  It’s literally just that.  A café that has cats wandering around.  This particular café, recommended as the number one in Bangkok(out of like 3) also was cat-themed.  They had weird portraits of cats on the walls, the mugs had cats on them, and they had little shelves and contraptions for the cats to sleep in/play in throughout the café.


When I had time to kill while waiting for a night bus to Bangkok, I decided to check out Caturday and see what a cat café was like.  I was curious, as a cat café is something that you will NEVER find in the US as it’s not exactly sanitary, and It’s one of the most stereotypically Asian things that I’ve heard of.

Backpack in tow, after struggling to find Caturday(closest BTS stop Ratchatewi) for about 15 minutes, I finally turned down the right alley and there it was.  Online it said that there’s sometimes a line when you go, but luckily I was able to go right in.  A server came outside first and asked how many were in my party(please make me feel more awkward about going to a freaking CAT CAFÉ by myself), before I was directed into a little foyer to take off my shoes before entering the café.

The café is very pastel, it reminded me of something out of a Japanese anime cartoon.  Like I said, there is cat décor everywhere, and little cartoon cats prance around the walls.  The lighting makes it feel like one of those Sario hello-kitty shops, therefore it’s not the best for pictures.


Speaking of pictures, the majority of the other customers in the café seemed to be there for the Instagram.  I still haven’t gotten to the point that I am as comfortable having my own personal photo shoots in public as the people in Asia are, so honestly RESPECT to them.  I felt a little awkward taking pictures with the cats by myself, but the other customers went right for it and blatantly spent their entire time in the café trying to take selfies with the cats.  I spent probably about 20 minutes watching one Chinese guy in particular make kissy faces and try to snap selfies with the cats, all while basically ignoring his friend that he was there with.  2016 people.


Caturday did a really good job of providing a variety of pedigree(seemingly) cats to hang out with.  I know literally nothing about cats but I did my research and was able to figure one of them out – the munchkin cat.  This little midget cat literally looks like a caterpillar(lol, CATerpillar) when it slithers by, with little stumpy legs.  Then again maybe these cats all just looked fancy to me because I’ve seen nothing but strays for the past 3 months.

The food they offered was the standard Thai verison of western food, complete with French fries and strange attempts at pasta.  I opted for a simple Matcha latte, which of course ended up coming with Carnation(ugh).  It was mediocre at best, but you really only go to places like that for the cats anyways.


Overall it was an interesting experience.  I think I observed the people taking selfies with the cats more than the actual cats, it was like a sociology experiment.  They also had signs says that you can’t pick up the cats, so it seemed somewhat ethical.  So if you’re the mood to have coffee with cats but willing to sacrifice on the food quality and your dignity just a little, head over to Caturday in Bangkok.



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