Café Review – Chu Chocolate Café(Sukhumvit – Bangkok)

This past weekend I was staying the Sukhumvit/Asok neighborhood in Bangkok(near Terminal21), and luckily a short 10 minute walk away in the Exchange Tower was Chu Chocolate Café.  Every time I go to Bangkok I look up cool cafes near my hostel.  This one was highly recommended online, so I somehow managed to get my butt out of the bunk in my hostel at 9AM on Sunday and drag my friend there.


Chu is known for their hot chocolate.  They have all different kinds, from Mexican to Parisian to Belgian to white chocolate to dark chocolate to milk chocolate; you get the idea.  You can order toppings of “American marsh mellows”(yet another American culinary cringe) or you can order churros to dip them in.  They have quite an impressive selection.


My Saint Domingue hot chocolate and bacon something-or-other biscuit.

Their best seller is a section of the menu with single-source hot chocolate with cacao beans from a couple countries around the world, each with very high percentages of cacao and low levels of sugar, making for a very rich drink.  I ordered the Saint Domingue, with a cacao level at a whopping 73%.  My only complaint about this place is that the freaking cranky waiter corrected my pronunciation of Saint Domingue.  Like dude I studied Spanish in college it’s Saint Doh-minh-guayyyyy not Saint Doh-ming.  The cocoa flavor was intoxicating.  However it was super heavy, and also served in American-sized portions that were impossible to finish.  But the texture was like legitimate velvet, very well-done.


Callie’s Belgian hot chocolate with cinnamon.

My friend ordered the Belgian hot chocolate that came with a little bit of cinnamon.  It was a bit sweeter than mine but also dank as hell, and the cinnamon was done perfectly.  The café was sooooo good that it actually reminded me of Hemingway, a chocolate café near my old apartment in Florence, Italy.  And if it compares to Italian chocolate, you know it’s good.


Said hot chocolate in Florence, Italy.  One the right – from world renowned(actually) Café Rivoire in Piazza de la Signoria, on the right from Hemingway(also famous) near Ponte alla Carraia, also in Florence.

The atmosphere in Chu felt like a Sunday morning.  I mean it was a Sunday morning(as my residual headache kept reminding me), but I think that even if it was like a Monday(gasp) it still would’ve felt like a Sunday morning.  Very relaxed, very mellow, very sunny.  Chu was mostly full of westerners, seemingly expats judging on the location of the café(far from the touristy Lumphini area), the casual dress and age of patrons, and little snippets of conversation that we overheard about menial every day things.  This atmosphere was aided by the bright morning light streaming through the massive windows engulfing the walls.

While I personally didn’t opt to order a huge breakfast, they also offered a wide selection of any typical western breakfast that you would find in Bangkok.  I did order a bacon something-or-other biscuit type thing.  It was okay, but it was freaking HUGE and I would’ve been happy with a little more robust bacon flavor My friend ordered eggs benedict which she said was dope, and it came with REAL bacon.  Finding bacon, let alone thick-cut, fatty bacon is a daunting task in Thailand.  That I did try, and every fatty bite tasted like home.


Photo credit Callie Hansen.  Look at how HUGE those cups of hot chocolate are, Tina for scale.

So if you’re in the Asok/Sukhumvit area of Bangkok and craving REAL hot chocolate, Chu has got the goods.  Callie & I are already planning our next trip back.


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