Reunited with Craft Cocktails – an Evening at Eat Me, Bangkok

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, driving motorbikes in Thailand can be pretty reckless.  Luckily for me, living in a small town with little to no traffic makes driving much less of a hazard.  Tragically, a girl I knew in the same teaching program as me, Izzy, recently passed away in a motorbike accident.  I had only hung out with a couple times, but she really was one of the sweetest and most selfless people I’ve ever met.


The only picture I have with her(like I said I didn’t know her very long)(a snapchat selfie nonetheless); she wanted me to send this to her because it was “fierce.”

My roommates were best friends with her, so to celebrate Izzy’s 24th birthday, we went to Bangkok and did all of the things that Izzy had planned to do for her birthday weekend.  One of the items on the list was get Negronis at a restaurant in Sala Daeng called Eat Me.  So on Saturday night, we stopped in for a pre-club cocktail.

Personally, I’m not a big Negroni fan.  I studied abroad in Florence, Italy; which is actually the birthplace of the Negroni.  I’ve tried my fair share at aperitivo(Italian happy hour) in Florence.   Coincidentally, I’ve also not enjoyed my fair share of Negronis in Florence.  In defense of the cocktail, Italian bartenders aren’t the best, so maybe I just never had one that was made correctly.  They’re a combination of orange bitters, Campari liquor, and vermouth, way too bitter for me.



A Negroni I had in Florence circa November 2014 & the accompanying aperitivo snacks it came with.  Not the prettiest plating but it tasted amazing, not the tastiest cocktail but it looked nice.  Also a nice aerial pic of mi amor Firenze from the top of the duomo.

We hopped off the BTS at Sala Daeng and after a short 10 minute walk we landed at Eat Me.  Tucked away down a small soi(side street/alley), it’s a slightyly-hidden gem.   It has sleek minimal décor and warm hardwood details, plus an extensive bar, giving it a comfortable trendy upscale vibe to it.  It reminds me of a restaurant that Audrina and Lauren Conrad would go for sushi and tears in an episode of the Hills.



Credit:’s no way I could get good pictures with my mortal iPhone 5s at this time of night with the mood lighting they had going on)

The bar was EXTENSIVE.  It housed a complete library of imported booze from around the world, a rare find in Thailand.  Just from where I was sitting I could spot American bourbon like Maker’s Mark and Wild Turkey.


The best picture I could find that really captured the extent of their selection.  This one was taken from

Their extensive liquor selection was reflected in their impressive craft cocktail menu.  One of my favorite things to do at home  in Chicago when I was interning was to try craft cocktails at different bars afer work, so it made me miss home a little.  One particular cocktail that stuck out was the “Mootini,” a Ketel One vodka martini infused with bacon, mint, red onion, and Isaac(Northern Thai Influence) spices.  I had already ordered my cocktail, a Fig and Ginger Martini, when I saw it; but I definitely want to go back to give it a whirl.  I’ve had cocktails with balsamic vinegar, jalepenos, and other random kitchen sink type items, but I’ve never seen a martini infused with meat.  Ballsy.


On the left is a balsamic-vinegar infused Martini I had in Italy, on the right is the only ACTUAL picture I have from my experience at Eat Me, my Fig and Ginger Martini.

My cocktail was a dream in a martini glass.  I’m not huge on vodka and the fig masked it gracefully, allowing the ginger flavor to shine.  A couple of my friends also ordered some bright yellow concussion, complete with gin, passionfruit, absinthe, lemon, and basil;  which was even better.  Each cocktail also had a nice garnish, the scent hitting your nose right as you sipped and complimenting the flavor.  Mine had pine in it, my friends had some other fragrant leaf in it, and the Negroni came with a sliced candied orange.  They set us each back 290 baht each plus tax plus service charge, but they were worth every penny.

Even though we didn’t order food, the staff kept supplying us with endless bread & olive oil.  I haven’t seen a restaurant serve olive oil with bread sans parmasean since I left Italy, so I was foaming as the mouth.

Towards the end of our meal, the waitress offered all 8 of us a free round of shots after we told her that we were headed to Sing Sing club after.  She showed up a few minutes later with the maitre’d, who had a bottled liqeur and explained that it was a house-made liqeur of Mars bars dissolved in Ketel One.  Then they poured us ANOTHER round before we left, all completely gratis.  Maybe they realized we were poor teachers, or maybe they just thought we were fun, but I’ve never experienced such welcoming service as a cheap customer at a high-end restaurant.


A picture of us out at Sing Sing later that evening, also the best picture I’ve ever seen taken by a club photographer, bravo.

If you’re in Bangkok and feel like balling I’d definitely recommend checking out Eat Me for a classy night out.  The food will probably break your wallet, but the cocktail menu is worth every penny.  I apologize for the lack of pictures in this post, you’ll just have to experience it with your own eyes.

Post update – I just looked on TripAdvisor and Eat Me was rated as #58 out of over 9000 restaurants in Bangkok.  So everyone else thinks it’s worth a try too.


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