Painted Penang – the Dopest Street Art in SE Asia

Hello hello!!!!  I’ve been away from my blog/laptop for over a month now(serious separation anxiety due to the latter) and am SO happy to be back with a ton of new stories to share.  How have I been posting?  Blogger’s secret – I prepared a months worth of posts ahead of time and scheduled them accordingly.  I guess all the mind-numbing unpaid social media internships I’ve had have finally become useful for something.

I had a month off of school, as most Thai schools have a month-long break at this time of the year.  I visited Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore(only for a hot second), and headed back down to southern Thailand.  I ALMOST went to a Full Moon Party, but then the King died, but more on that later.

Luckily, my friend from home Melissa who teaches in Vietnam had a week off as well, so I was able to meet up with her in Malaysia.  We saw Kuala Lumpur, the Cameron Highlands, and finished in Penang.


Penang.  I guarantee majority of the people reading this have never even heard of it.  I actually didn’t really know anything about it until I was researching for this trip.  Penang is a state in Malaysia located on a little island off the northwest coast of the country.  It’s capital is Georgetown, this cute little old-school-Chinese-influenced neighborhood full of pretty architecture good food.  That’s where Melissa and I stayed.

As I’ve mentioned before, I freaking love street art.  It’s high on my bucket list to go tagging somewhere myself.  I’ve found somewhere in Thailand where it’s not only legal but highly encouraged, but if I spilled the location now that would ruin the surprise later.  Georgetown by far has the best street art that I’ve ever seen.  Although I’m not sure if it fully meets the definition of pure “street art,” as a lot of it is being capitalized on for tourism.


They actually have a map of the major street art pieces on display throughout the neighborhood, but the best ones Sweet Lis & I found weren’t on the map(so hipster I know).  It’s funny watching tourists take pictures of street art, because they run right past really nice pieces that aren’t on the map just to get a snap of the ones that are.  Doesn’t that kind of kill the point?  But anyways, here’s a little photo tour of the pieces that we saw, organized by on the map & off the map.

All of these, on and off the map, were found in Georgetown.  They were mostly on well-known Armenian street, but some were all over.

On the Map


On the Map











Don’t miss the little rat hanging from the corner of the building on the left in the cat picture.  I think it may have been added by a different artist later, as it seems to match the style of some of the off-the-map pieces that are shown below.

And here are the numerous pieces we found off-the-map.

Off the Map














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