Kiddies in Cambodia – Photo Blog

In case you couldn’t tell by my past 2 blogs, I really loved Cambodia.

Don’t get me wrong, my love for Thailand could write a freaking Taylor Swift album.  But something I liked about Cambodia in comparison with Thailand is that it seemed slightly less tainted with tourism.  There were less Western amenities, and people seemed to be less wary of tourists.

Thailand has a reputation across the world for being “The Land of Smiles.”  And it is, the people are extremely friendly.  However, after what I’ve seen in Southeast Asia so far, the entire continent should be christened The Land of Smiles.

Thailand is a trendy travel destination, and has been for a couple years now.  While Thai people are extremely friendly, in touristy areas I’ve found their slightly less towards tourists.  I theorize that since Cambodia became a tourist destination after Thailand, the people haven’t had enough time to become jaded about tourists yet.  And less tourists has brought less Western trends and influence to the country.

Cambodia was a breath of fresh air in that it seemed more authentic and less westernized.  There were no trendy malls, many of the roads in Siem Reap were still bumpy and unpaved, and the tuk-tuks felt like something out of the early 1900s.

That being said, I’m pretty happy with some of the pictures I got in Cambodia.  Maybe it’s only because I got to look at Cambodia with fresh eyes, whereas I’ve grown used to all the oddities and exotic-ness of Thailand.

So here are some of the pictures I got of people(mostly children, they’re the best models) in Cambodia.






These boys were my favorite.  Taken in Battambang at the bamboo train.









And last but not least, a picture that’s not the best from an angle standpoint, just a shout out to my last tuk-tuk driver out of Cambodia.  Thank you for not dumping me on the side of the road when I was yelling at you because I was still buzzed from the night before at 7:50AM when Nicole & I were on the verge of missing our bus home.

Note – all of these pictures were taken in and around Battambang, except for the last one of my tuk-tuk driver.




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