My Favorite Things – Thailand Edition

And yes a car for YOU!  And a mansion for YOU!!!! And a double-decker mini-van with a built-in hot tub for YOUUUUUU!!!

Okay I’m not Oprah.  But a girl can dream.  After 8 months of kickin it in the beautiful Land O’ Smiles, here are some of my Thailand favorites, ranging from products to sappy pop songs.

1) Bon-bons

The little balls of heaven get the number 1 spot for a reason.  For a mere 6-baht, you can quench your chocolate craving, with not one, not two, but now THREE different flavor options.  Chocolate and peanut butter are the classics, but the most recent flavor Cookies & Cream has quickly raced to the most special place in my heart.  Available at your nearest Thai 7-11, or CJ’s.


2) Korean face masks

IMG_1588.jpgIt’s no secret that Koreans kind of kill it in the beauty product department.  At CJ’s, 7-11, and even random little mini-marts throughout Thailand you can get Korean face masks for around $1.  It always takes me a while to pick one out, as I have to be careful not to buy one with whitening bleach in it.


3) Kiiihhhh neee seh mehhhhh (คนมีเสน่ห์ – ป้าง นครินทร์)

One of my favorite Thai songs.  If you want to find it, you have to copy & paste the Thai name, it’s not searchable in English.  I made one of my students type it out for me.

Check it out on youtube here

4) The Thai word for cat

It’s pronounced May-owhhh, so it kind of sounds like meow.  Tell me that’s not adorable.

5) Tom yum sen mee


This is Tom Yum noodle soup (street stall version) with sen mee or small noodles.  I’ve recently discovered that it’s a soup stall staple and I’m addicted.

6) This stocking-stuffer-sized bottle of fish sauce


Sold at some 7-11s.  For only 6 baht you can have a little mini-me fish sauce.  Fish sauce is a standard ingredient and condiment with all Thai food, and sometimes you just need a little.

7) These charcoal-gray corduroy overalls

It really is a tragedy that bathroom célfies have gone out of style.

I got these bad boys at Chatuchak weekend market for a mere 100 baht.  That’s less than $3.  It was meant to be – they were the only pair, I couldn’t try them on, and they fit like a glove.  Thailand is great for cheap, trendy clothing.

8) Glooooay tohd (fried bananas)



These are actually a really problematic addiction.  I have to pep-talk myself out of stopping by the market after school to buy these at least a couple times a week.  Although there’s only one fried-banana vendor in town that I really love, so if you try fried bananas yourself and you don’t like them, try a different vendor.

9) Sing-sing Theater – Bangkok

If you like dance music, this is by far THE best club in Bangkok.  My only complaint is the over-priced drink situation, but you can’t win ‘em all.


It’s super-themed with an old school Shanghai-speakeasy vibe.  They have a different theme every night, complete with performers in wild costumes.  I’ve seen everything from girls in astronaut suits to girls in cages to a hardcore saxophone player.


10) Jok


Okay I tried making this not about food, I really did.  Jok is DANK rice porridge that Thai people eat for breakfast or late at night.  I know every blog under the sun tells you that Thai people don’t have certain foods for certain meals, but that is a straight up lie.  Note that this is a porridge, as it’s soupy cousin isn’t nearly as good.  Usually coming with some kind of sauce, ginger, green onion, and pork, this trusty sidekick has gotten me through many a post-travel Monday.



Riceberry is this jasmine rice hybrid that was created right here in Thailand.  It’s chock FULL of antioxidants and makes for really pretty snapchats.  I’ve heard that it’s trendy in the west right now, but you can only find it at health food stores and it’s expensive.  Here I can buy a big bag of it from a street vendor right outside 7/11 for less than $3.  Definitely a staple.

12) My “Anello” backpack

img_2923This is a backpack that I bought at Rot Fai Ratchada Night Market.  I swear 1 in 4 Thai people own one, they’re SUPER trendy here.  It’s a knock-off of some brand that starts with a b, but I’ve only seen a real one once at a super boujee mall so I couldn’t tell ya what it is.




So there you have it, just a couple of my Thailand favorites.


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