16 MORE Things You Will Only Find in a Thai 7/11

Ahhhh 7/11.  It’s become as much of a backpacking staple here in Thailand as elephant pants.  7/11 is the go-to for everything- medication, food, plane tickets, water, anything.  Probably because the familiar western chain-store feel is more comfortable when it comes to buying things like that than dealing with the awkward language barrier at a mom & pop shop if you’re unfamiliar with it.  But anyways, we can all agree that 7/11 is important here.

In fact, my most popular post of all time by a landslide on this site is 10 Things You Only Find in a Thai 7/11.  That was one of the first posts I wrote when I got to Thailand, when everything in 7/11 was so shiny and foreign.  My eyes have aged about 8 months since then, and have grown more accustomed to the oddities of the convenience store.  So here’s a follow-up post I decided to write detailing my further discoveries of the iconic store.  Enjoy!

10 Things You Can Only Find in a Thai 7/11(Part 2)

  1. Bon-bonsIMG_3529.jpg

These are IMPORTANT.  These are what get you through a week that you’re seriously reconsidering your teacher morals regarding corporal punishment(kidding).  For a mere 6 baht, you can get your fix of either chocolate, peanut butter or (most recently and by far the BEST) cookies & cream-flavored bon-bon.  You’re welcome in advance.

2. Every different kind of face mask


Korean, fake-korean, tomato, beer, whitening- you name it, & I’m sure 7/11 has some kind of mask that’ll let you spread it all over your face.

3. Vitamin-C drinks


These are also IMPORTANT.  There’s nothing like catching yourself sniffling after a long-weekend out in Bangkok right before extended travel plans.  I like to drink one of these puppies both before AND after going out.  Better safe than snotty.


4. This adorable pocket-sized fish sauce


5. Riceberry. Riceberry BEER.  3 different kinds of instant rice.



Trendy.  Healthy.  BEER.  Suck on that Whole Foods.

6. Fish-flavored everything


This is one of those situations in which I draw the line.

7. 3 different kinds of burritos that remind you exactly how far from Mexico we really are.


8. These terrifying pokémon “fish balls,” gotta catch e’m all (dem food poisonings)

9. Milo-flavored everything.

10. Nature Valley bars…PLOT TWIST?!


Take a breath and breathe deeply…these are still American I swear!  As shown by the high-so 29 baht price tag(almost $1) for one.  Fancy ~imported~ Nature Valley bars.

11. Every kind of sweetened-condensed milk your dying arteries could possibly desire.


It’s the Franks’ Red Hot of Thailand.  They put this shit in EVERYTHING.

12. “Salad cream”


This is the Thai/Asian way of saying “salad dressing.”  The first time I heard one of our Phillippino teachers say it I thought it was a mistake.  The real mistake is that someone actually thought it was an appetizing idea to name things “salad cream” instead of salad dressing.  And by dressing I mean the Thai version; AKA mayo.  BLECHHH

13. Vitamin gift baskets


So confusing that I don’t even have commentary.

14. “Mister Potato” purple potato crisps.


Yes, ladies and gentleman, Thailand EVEN knocks off Pringles.  And they one-up pringles with trendy health-foodie friendly purple potatoes.

15. Hot dogs so appetizing they make you want to go vegan.



They forgot the “chili” with the chili cheese.  And based on the invention of the “cheese sausage waffle” I’d say it’s a good guess that the creative department at Thailand 7/11 is either a stoner or pregnant.

16. Pork Hot bun

IMG_4066.jpgThe best part about this item is that in the states Asian-fusion food using bao buns is super trendy.  In my intern days in the up & coming West Loop Chicago I had a few tacos on bao buns.  Thailand – always on top of dem trends.

Have you ever been to a Thai 7/11?  What anomalies did you see?


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