Arroyyy Thai Food Pics to Get You Through Monday – Photo Blog

Arroy(adj.): Thai word meaning delicious.  So pretty much the same meaning as “Thai food.”

Here’s a few pictures of Thai food to get you through the Monday blues.  You can’t have a bad Monday with good Thai food, even if it’s only in pictures.  AKA I have way too many food pics on my phone and want to do SOMETHING productive with them.

  1. Khao Soi Gai – Northern Thai curry egg noodle soup, AKA the best thing you’ll eat in ThailandIMG_3527.jpg

  2. These Chinese noodles a stall order gave my roommate & I for free on Chinese New Year

Thai people LOVE to fatten you up I swear.  This was in addition to the food we had just ordered, before we returned to the office to find even MORE food homemade by the Chinese teacher.  IMG_3750.jpg

3. These Chinese dumplings that our Chinese teacher made in the office on Chinese New Year

Yes, I mean that she MADE them in the office.  In between classes we were pinching little pillows of meat together with our fingers and frying things up on a hot plate.  When in Rome.  The sauce is an easy mix of chili paste, lime juice, and soy sauce.


4. Pad Kra Pow Gai with a phat Kai Dow on the side – Basil Chicken with a fried egg

Look at how damn FLUFFY that thing is.  IMG_3753.jpg

5. Piles on piles of gai yaeng – grilled chickenIMG_3762.jpg

6. Gai tohd – fried chicken, and some kind of fish

In Thailand they eat chicken wings just like Americans do.  Except they dip theirs in a sauce, they don’t drown it.  The fish pictured was some kind of fried floss with peanuts and the fish mixed in, the head is just for show.  The fish went with this realllllyyyyyy freaking good green mango mix on the bottom of the picture.  I could’ve eaten it plain; it tasted like green mango salad.  IMG_4011.jpg

7. Pad See Ew – the fat cousin of Pad Thai

And way better in my opinion.  This is a dish that I find often gets screwed up in touristy areas, as it’s easy to accidentally make your noodles slimy.  IMG_4049.jpg


MORE Pad See Ew from a different vendor.  Because why not?


8. Mango Sticky rice(Khao naio memwong in Thai I think?)

Mango szn

  1. IMG_4081.jpg

9. Som tam & gai yaeng – papaya salad & grilled chickenIMG_4133.jpg

10. Khao Ka Moo – Pork leg with riceIMG_4141.jpg

11. These dumplings that I don’t know the name of but they’re kind of cuteIMG_4076.jpg

12. Gai pad medmemwong and lahb gai – AMAZING chicken fried with cashews and chicken minced with lime, chilies, cilantro, and onion

  1. IMG_4043.jpg

13. Tom Yum Sen Mee – Sweet & sour soup with small noodlesTomYumStitch.jpg


I don’t know why I’ve never thought to grill a sweet potato?  But sweet potatoes are in season and for a mere 20 baht you can get a big pile for breakfast or to snack in, on colors ranging from purple to yellow to orange.  SOOOO freaking good.

Potato Stitch.jpg

15. EVERYTHING fried

Fried bananas(again) and my newest discovery – coconut hash brown thingamajigs.  I don’t know what they’re called in Thai but they’re these AMAZING little coconut meat & milk patties that look like hash browns.  I found them at the morning market in Dan Chang, so maybe they’re a morning snack?

Sorry about the blurry pic, I was trying to be stealthy and not let the vendor know that I was being a creep.  

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


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