I’m like hey what’s up hello


Me on the left, during my semester abroad in Florence, Italy, where I was first bit by the travel bug.

Ay.  I’m a 22 year-old Chicago native who is spending May 2016-April 2017 prancing around Southeast Asia.  If you haven’t visited the Chicagoland area book a flight now, between Jonathan Toews and Giordano’s deep-dish ‘za it truly is one of the greatest cities in the world.

I love peanut butter, hot yoga, and my own jokes.  I would give my eye for Fetty Wap, and would kill to be reincarnated as Britney Spears.  I predicted the one-piece bathing suit trend and believe that within the next 10 years porcelain-pale skin will replace the gross carrot-tan craze.  You heard it here first.  My talents include baking and complaining about getting fat from baking.  In fact, I’ve been called “10x more influential than Martha Stewart” and “the Paula Deen of our generation” by Kanye West and Time Magazine.  I have a massive crush on Harrison Ford circa “Raiders of the Lost Ark” but my true love is a good semi-dry red wine.


Clearly I’ve been having too much fun with my new design software.

How we got here

I graduated in December 2015 with a major in Communication and a minor in Spanish Language.  Yes, I meant to type “Communication” and not “Communications” because “Communications” sounds both pompous and grammatically incorrect.  I graduated early(subtle brag) and decided that I didn’t want to leave the party early.  So, I spent what should’ve been my last semester in Spring 2016 working as a marketing intern at an insurance company while living the college life in my public-housing-esque apartment on campus.  College without the classes, it truly was the American dream.

Now, after walking in the May ceremony, I’m delaying responsibility and teaching English in Southeast Asia for a year in a small sugar-cane farming town called Dan Chang.  This is both a product of my desire to travel and the fear of peaking in college.  Shout out to all you wise old adults who have been telling me “college will be the best 4 years of your life” for the past 4 years.  I plan on returning to a career in marketing when I get back to the U.S..  See my LinkedIn page for further potential-employer-friendly resume info.

Speaking of employer-friendly, that’s how this blog happened.  If I take an entire year off from practicing any type of marketing business, it’ll set me back a little bit from my career goal of conquering the world.  So, I decided to create a blog to showcase my writing skills, practice my blogging skills, and keep the homies updated.

My goal with this blog is to entertain and share my travel experiences, so I hope you’re amused by my stumbles through Asia!