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Southeast Asia


dsc_0357Painted Penang – the Dopest Street Art in SE Asia
PUBLISHED ON October 26, 2016

Hello hello!!!! I’ve been away from my blog/laptop for over a month now(serious separation anxiety due to the latter) and am SO happy to be back with a ton of new stories to share…more



Munchin’ in Malaysia
PUBLISHED ON December 1, 2016

Malaysia. The only time I had ever really heard of this country before arriving in Southeast Asia was in Zoolander. Long live the Prime Minister. Coming all the way from…more




Blue Flames & 1AM Volcano Hikes – Java, IndonesiaPUBLISHED ON October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween! Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays and I’m super sad to be missing it this year. I’m…more


Bali Part 1 – Krazy in Kuta
PUBLISHED ON November 2, 2016

Happy November! Wow how time flies, I can’t believe that I’ve already been in Asia for almost 5 months. I finally had a chance to travel out of the country during my October…more

cover-ubud-postBali Part 2 – Ubud
PUBLISHED ON November 16, 2016

The Bali Chronicles continue. After a crazy few days in Kuta, my friends & I hired 2 cars via Grab Taxi to take us about 2 hours(including rain and traffic) to Ubud…more

cover-ubud-temples-postBali Part 3 – Temple Run in Ubud
PUBLISHED ON November 21, 2016

Happy Monday! As I mentioned in my previous Bali post, Ubud was one of my favorite places in Bali. When I retire in about…more


The Middle East

DSC_0126Abu Dhabi
PUBLISHED ON June 7, 2016

Today after my first flight touched down, I booked it to get through customs and put my carry on luggage in storage so that I could get a few hours in the Abu Dhabi…more


Travel in the USA

dsc_0061Wine-ing about leaving: Michigan
PUBLISHED ON June 6, 2016

Currently writing this from a plane en route to Abu Dhabi, 35 hours until I FINALLY land in Bangkok!  This past week has been full of ~fun~ goodbye festivities, including a mini-road trip to Michigan with some of…more


nash3Nash & Sour Mash: Music City & KY Bourbon
PUBLISHED ON May 29, 2016

Seeing as I’ll be leaving the US for 10 months, my mother decided to take me to Nashville for the weekend. I must say what a choice, nothing gets more American than…more