Central Thailand

DSC_0856A Taste of Home – Hua Hin Hills Vineyard
PUBLISHED ON September 12, 2016

Despite the bombings and the chaos of Mother’s Day weekend, my friends and I decided to stick it out in Hua Hin. And I’m glad we did, after the initial two bombings Hua Hin fell back…more


DSC_0824An Explosive Weekend in Hua Hin – When Bombs Go Off in the City You’re Visiting
PUBLISHED ON August 31, 2016

Hua Hin. Hua what? Most people outside of Thailand, or at least people in the US, haven’t really heard of picturesque little Hua Hin. It’s a small beach city about 200…more


IMG_0491Suphan Buri City
PUBLISHED ON July 6, 2016

2 weekends ago I decided to explore my own province a little more and meet up with some Americans in Suphan Buri city, the big city in my province. It’s only about an hour by minibus, and only 80 baht, a little over…more


dsc_0334-1Ayutthaya- WAT(hehe) to Do & What Not to Do
PUBLISHED ON July 4, 2016

In case the pun in the title was lost on you(as it was on my students) Wat is Thai for temple, and this post is about a bunch of Wats. Seeing as I had so much to say about Ayutthaya…more


PUBLISHED ON June 27, 2016

To continue on my weekend of firsts, the weekend of June 17 also marked my first weekend trip. We can’t go too far on the weekends having only 2 days, especially with the speed at which Thai transportation…more

EditedFirstWeekBKKFirst Week – Orientation in Bangkok
PUBLISHED ON June 11, 2016

So, after a very long waiting period of 5 weeks since I finally made my decision, I FINALLY MADE IT TO THAILAND!!!!  This past week I’ve been in Bangkok for orientation…more